Mini Donation

4.99 AUD

This would be the tiny package for those who want to support the server but don't have that much money to spend on something like this, is ok, we respect that, and we appreciate your help!

So we decided we could give you some tiny gifts for your tiny donations! Some of them include:

  • A special Kit with some supplies for your journey through the land!
  • Hats, just some of them though...
  • Keep Exp, for those who don't like to lose it all.
  • 16x Enchanted Golden Apples
  • 10x Mystery Boxes

Gadgets Menu Permission Added To Player, To Open Use /gmenu main

  • gadgetsmenu.banners.*
  • gadgetsmenu.cloaks.
  • gadgetsmenu.pets.*

Again, we thank you for every little piece of support we sent you and this package is for you! <3

Please enjoy your stay!

-The JezzCraft  Team